welcome, beloved

step inside the temple of sacred feminine wisdom

- angela g.

"After just 3 months [working with Bri], I have up leveled my brand, stepped into my fullest expression of Priestess, created and launched a program that's been on my heart for many years and have had more engagement on my posts and offerings than ever before. I even filled the first high ticket spot in my new program after just one week of sharing about it!

Bri is a phenomenal coach, priestess and space holder and I'm so grateful for her ongoing support. It's the ongoing support that has helped keep me on track and remain faithful in my business and now I can't imagine it any other way. Having consistent support has been key in my growth and success and I can't wait to see what unfolds throughout the year."

"Working with Bri has been such an incredible journey. APHRODISIA was an unparalleled deep dive into archetypes that resonated so deeply with my Higher Self and it catapulted me into an open hearted position to receive all the abundance that is mine.

With additional 1:1 support I birthed a second program and have just entered deep waters again in Muse & Memory.

Bri listens to the heart of what is needed in each moment and delivers compassionate truth + love + an expansive frequency to align with.

I'm forever grateful that I began working with her and am thrilled to see what the future holds."

- alisa g.

"Bri’s somatic practices that she offers are clearly an integrated part of herself that she has learned how to turn into art for others to experience as well.

She is grounded and anchored into the practices that she teaches, which is something that can only happen when the practices are truly a part of your own foundation, and I deeply appreciated that apparent rootedness.

My favorite somatic practice called us to anchor into our own dark earth mother frequency — it helped me own this actually quite prominent energy within me in a new and grounded way. When I need that aspect of myself all I have to do is call upon it and it’s already there because it is a part of me."

- caitlyn b.

meet your guide

Bri Miryam

A priestess of the feminine mysteries, Bri Miryam is devoted to awakening women to the sovereign power of their bodies and the call of the priestess within.

She began her formal training through Indie Birth Association where she stepped into doula work, the blood mysteries, and womens’ circle facilitation. Moving deeper into embodied healing, she was certified in trauma-informed Somatic Parts Work through the Embody Lab.

Under the mentorship of many wise women online and in person, she was initiated into primordial goddess wisdom with a particular devotion to The Queen of Heaven.

A graduate scholar of ancient history + spirituality, she infuses her work with a deep reverence for the real-life archetypes, mythologies, and lineages of the divine feminine and our ancient foremothers.

Over the years she has built a thriving soul brand and served women around the world through birthwork, retreats, sacred business coaching, embodiment training, somatic healing and past life medicine journeys.

It is her prayer that each woman unearths the wild + abundant leader within, and in doing so, helps to restore sacred feminine consciousness and healing to the earth.