Bri Miryam

Mother, doula, somatic parts healer, and above all — devotee of the Great Mother of heaven and earth.

As a graduate scholar of ancient spirituality, Bri infuses her work with a deep reverence for the archetypes, mythologies, and traditions of her Mediterranean foremothers.

Her teachers have included Priestess Yeshe Matthews, Tara Wild, Dr. Carla Ionescu of The Artemis Centre, Alexandra Durigan of ORIGIN Pelvic Care, Mexican midwife Naoli Vinaver, Maryn Green and Margo Blackwood of Indie Birth Association, Fran Booth of The Embody Lab, and many others she honors in the long line of wisdom.

She has served women around the world through priestess trainings, birthwork, Goddess studies, somatic healing and past life work.

Today, it is her prayer that each woman unearths the wild & wise leader within, and in doing so, helps to restore sacred feminine consciousness and healing to Earth.