The word priest-ess has ancient roots, tracing back to the Ancient Greek πρεσβύτερος (presbúteros), from πρέσβυς (présbus, “elder, older”).

A priestess was a female leader performing sacred rituals, especially as a channel between her community and its deities.

She possessed and exercised gifts associated with the witch - healing, divining, counseling - and brought these gifts into service as a respected leader of society.

In our modern temple of APHRODISIA, we reclaim the priestess calling from our wise foremothers, devoted to restoring Goddess consciousness to an ailing earth.

Beloved woman...
If you are here, it is likely you feel the primal and primordial call of the priestess within you.

Now more than ever, the world is need of your sacred leadership.


𓆙 devotion to Great Mother Goddess and care for her sacred body - the Earth and Cosmos

𓆙 rebuilding "the village" community to support women of all bodies and walks of life

 𓆙 seasonal celebration, rites of passage, and alignment with the timeless cycles of nature

𓆙 bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern priestesshood through reverent education and hands-on practicee

In education and support of this vision...

APHRODISIA is a six month online priestess training rooted in the traditions of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, including Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.

Together, we revive and reclaim the timeless paradigm of the Goddess - she who goes by the name of Kybele, Venus, Demeter, Ishtar, Ariadne, Isis, and so many more.

We invite you to join us today!

join the summer cohort

In sacred sisterhood, you will journey back millennia to reclaim the real-life priestess lineages that are alive in your blood and your bones.

the three lineages

the healer of elemental and embodied arts


the seer of divine channeling and sacred guidance

the keeper of ceremony and feminine mysteries




Temple of Kybele

training : the great mother archetype
project : elemental & herbal medicine
ritual : healing the mother wound
ceremony : the dionysian mysteries

Temple of Venus 

training : the queen of heaven archetype
project : the red tent & creating ceremony
ritual : restoring sexuality & sisterhood
ceremony : the sacred blood mysteries


first initiation

the path of the healer


Temple of Demeter

training : the triple goddess archetype
project : the devotional calendar
ritual : revisiting maiden to woman
ceremony : the eleusinian mysteries

Temple of Ishtar 

training : the dark goddess archetype
project : divination arts & techniques
ritual : integrating the shadow self
ceremony : the chthonic mysteries


second initiation

the path of the seer
FEMININE liminality


Temple of Ariadne

training : goddess of the labyrinth
project : ceremonial and altar arts
ritual : healing the witch wound
ceremony : the minoan mysteries

Temple of Isis

training : sacred business skills
project : working book of devotion
 ritual : initiating the priestess
ceremony : the osirian mysteries

optional: discounted June 2023 in-person immersion in Crete, Greece. see below for more details! 


third initiation

the path of the keeper
FEMININE leadership

historical priestess traditions we will explore












“Deliciously paced, warmly resonant, and deeply grounded in ancient her-story, Aphrodisia provides essential context for the strange, astral experience of spiritual awakening. Through ceremony, textual study, and sisterhood, I feel nourished in glittering clarity of my priestess path and calling.”

- xandra s.b.

- catrice j.

"I completely immersed myself into a deeply moving program by Bri Miryam, and it was seriously the best gift I've ever given myself! A sovereign PRIESTESS has been uncovered from the ashes and she's standing in her full POWER. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart! Loved the beautiful container you crafted with APHRODISIA to help me uncover my true priestess!"

“Bri is a kind, gentle soul who looks deep into her clients and sees something other people don’t see. I had only known Bri for 2 days when she looked deep into my soul and saw the core of what I had been struggling with my entire life. The questions [in the program] stimulate my thought process and encourage me to look deeper into myself as a woman... I will never see myself as anything less than a goddess now that I have had this experience.”

- erica w.

the experience

Our private villa is ideally located in the heart of the ​picturesque traditional village of Douliana, surrounded ​by stunning nature. The ancient woodland path is a ​stone's throw away from our villa whilst the mountain ​view is breathtaking and the sea is only 15 minutes ​away. A private chef nourishes you with three delicious ​plant-based meals per day. You will be sharing a ​spacious, updated bedroom and ensuite bathroom with ​two to three other women. It is recommended to fly into ​Chania International Airport, a 40 minute taxi ride from the villa.

body and breath ceremony

8 - 9 AM

goddess studies and mythology

1​1 - 1 ​P​M

priestess skills workshop

3 - 7 PM
f​ree tim​e​

temple mystery initiation 

10 P​M - 7 AM
qui​et hou​r​s

and are ready to seriously deepen their practice...

doulas, yoga teachers, bodyworkers

oracles, energy workers, coaches

artists, visionaries, alchemists

herbalists, witches, healers

this training is for women who feel called to the priestess path

Know that this training is not for women seeking surface-level spirituality or watered-down soulwork. Rather...

When you choose to step inside this temple, you choose to take your place in a primordial lineage of unbroken, untamed feminine power.

To step into your full visionary leadership and soul calling in service to Earth and the collective.

To ground your work and practice in real-life traditions of the Priestess and Goddess.

To remember and embody your gifts in a way that divinely supports you and lovingly serves others.

If you are ready for all this...
The path is yours to walk.

If you have felt the call to read this far...

join the summer cohort

meet your teacher

Mother, doula, past life oracle, somatic healer, and above all — devotee of the Great Mother of heaven and earth.

As a graduate scholar of ancient spirituality, Bri infuses her work with a deep reverence for the archetypes, mythologies, and traditions of her Mediterranean foremothers.

Her teachers have included Priestess Yeshe Matthews, Tara Wild, Dr. Carla Ionescu of The Artemis Centre, Alexandra Durigan of ORIGIN Pelvic Care, Mexican midwife Naoli Vinaver, Maryn Green and Margo Blackwood of Indie Birth Association, Fran Booth of The Embody Lab, and many others she honors in the long line of wisdom.

She has served women around the world through retreats, birthwork, embodiment training, Goddess studies, somatic healing and past life medicine journeys.

Today, it is her prayer that each woman unearths the wild & wise leader within, and in doing so, helps to restore sacred feminine consciousness and healing to Earth.

“Undertaking APHRODISIA with Bri and the beautiful group of priestesses has been in all ways liberating, comforting, and transformative.

The level of support, love, and immensely safe space that we have created amongst the priestesses has made opening up and moving deeply into the projects, discovery and remembrance, very easy.

There are moments that challenge you, and cause some discomfort, and others that feel so resonant that you overflow with inspiration and abundant creativity, yet it all serves a beautiful purpose of opening up to a greater level of development along your priestess path.

This journey has been profound and a pleasure to be a part of, and to be able to connect with the priestesses in the immersion in Greece is a gift in itself.."

- Kirri f.

“Bri really helped me define the unique perspective I’ve developed as someone who traveled a very independent & informal path, (where I always struggled to define exactly what I was bringing, even though I knew it was there) and see the value I bring with that background.
It has actually made it stronger!!

And it gave me SO much confidence and clarity of vision to really offer something concrete instead of vague - I feel so seen, respected, and activated in my own particular gifts from working with her. I feel myself actually becoming, in concrete ways, as the powerful feminine leader I already knew I could be, now materializing.

I’m now signed up for Aphrodisia and will keep working with Bri again & again."

- Rebecca h.

“The impact working with Bri has had on my life is immeasurable.

This is my second experience working with Bri, and I know in my bones it ​won’t be my last. Learning to navigate the balance between receiving Divine, ​creative feminine flow, and activating inspired masculine structure is ​something I’ve struggled with not just in my business, but in my beautiful ​little human life, as far back as I can remember. Bri’s wisdom, support, ​somatic guidance, and divine insights have radically shifted me out of a place ​ruled by scarcity and second guessing.

I can’t thank Bri enough, and I am so excited to witness your expansion ​under her wild + sacred leadership!”

- meg m.

- julia s.

"I will say from the very first call of this program I have felt a sense of alignment that has brought me many meaningful synchronicities.

Things have been brought to the surface that had been dormant inside me, and I feel much more clear in my abilities as a priestess.

Being in the energetics of this container has allowed energy and flow into areas of my life that I don't think I would have been able to access easily on my own.

It is a powerful space to explore the caverns of your primordial memory and develop their modern significance."

- hanna e.

"Working with Bri is life changing. For real. Her tools are what my soul ​needed to move, to heal, to discover parts of myself that I’ve never seen ​before (crazy because I’m really self aware and know myself well). The ​way she leads those embodiment practices is pure art, it’s so powerful, ​so beautiful and she’s really good at it. Every time it has brought light ​exactly where it was needed.

It helped me with expressing sides of ​myself I had never allowed myself to express, it has helped me in ​healing wounded parts of my body, to unblock and add fluidity again, to ​feel more love and acceptance for my body, for who I am in every ​moment. embracing how I feel, who I am now, in a lot deeper level now, ​and I know what to do now to guide myself into those spaces again."

- angela g.

"After just 3 months [working with Bri], I have stepped into my fullest expression of Priestess, created and launched a program that's been on my heart for many years and have had more engagement on my posts and offerings than ever before.

Bri is a phenomenal coach, priestess and space holder and I'm so grateful for her ongoing support. It's the ongoing support that has helped keep me on track and now I can't imagine it any other way. Having consistent support has been key in my growth and success and I can't wait to see what unfolds throughout the year."

"Working with Bri has been such an incredible journey.

APHRODISIA was an unparalleled deep dive into archetypes that resonated so deeply with my Higher Self and it catapulted me into an open hearted position to receive all the abundance that is mine.

Bri listens to the heart of what is needed in each moment and delivers compassionate truth + love + an expansive frequency to align with.

I'm forever grateful that I began working with her and am thrilled to see what the future holds."

- alisa g.

"Bri’s practices that she offers are clearly an integrated part of herself that she has learned how to turn into art for others to experience as well.

She is grounded and anchored into the practices that she teaches, which is something that can only happen when the practices are truly a part of your own foundation, and I deeply appreciated that apparent rootedness.

My favorite somatic practice called us to anchor into our own dark earth mother frequency — it helped me own this actually quite prominent energy within me in a new and grounded way. When I need that aspect of myself all I have to do is call upon it and it’s already there because it is a part of me."

- caitlyn b.

will you answer it?

you hear the rare call of the priestess.

You were put on this earth, at this time, for a reason.
To heed a sacred calling.
To walk a special path.

The divine crafted this blueprint just for you.
Wove unique gifts into your heart & lineage.

There is no plan b for your soul purpose.
So, dear woman:
Have courage to step inside!


what time are the calls / what if i can't make the calls live?

Group calls are the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, 11 am - 1 pm Central Time, July through December.

If you cannot make it live, all calls are recorded and uploaded to the training portal for you to watch on your own time. You receive one-year access to all APHRODISIA materials including replays.

i am not of mediterranean heritage - is this training a good fit for me?

APHRODISIA is open to women of all backgrounds! While we focus on the priestess traditions of the Mediterranean basin and Near East, with emphasis on Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, you will be encouraged each month to reclaim your own precolonial ancestral traditions through guided projects and research.

i have a job / other commitments - how much work should i expect?

It will depend on how quickly you read and process the material/inner work, but you should be able to commit 3-5 hours a week to this training. While it is important to keep up with the curriculum, you are welcome to go slower and extend the learning beyond 6 months as you will have one-year access to the materials. 

What is included in the optional crete, greece immersion?

  • 6 night accommodation at Armonia Retreat Centre
  • three plant-based meals a day prepared by private chef
  • daily ceremonies, healing sessions, priestess trainings
  • group excursion to ancient sites

Not included:
  • flights
  • airport transfer to and from villa
  • personal excursion or sightseeing
  • travel insurance

for the crete immersion, which airport should i fly into and when?

We recommend flying into Chania International Airport (CHQ). The airport is about 40 minutes from our villa. In the months leading up to the Immersion, we will send out information on our discounted taxi service and connect you with others who are flying in around the same time for potential carpooling. Villa check-in begins at 3 PM, with checkout at 10 AM on the final day.