You've already stepped outside the system, love.

It's time to be supported in your soulwork --
not just surviving,
but thriving.

does this resonate with you?

πŸ•Š You’re struggling in a 9-5 job with your soulwork as a hobby or a tiring side-hustle.

πŸ•Š You wish you could go all in on your sacred business and support yourself with this work.

β€‹πŸ•Š You've taken a program or course (or five) but can’t seem to maintain the momentum.

πŸ•Š You seek higher level support but the investments are way beyond your reach.

πŸ•Š ​You’re overwhelmed by the online entrepreneurship world and don't even know where to begin.

πŸ•Š You desire deeply to attract clients and make money in a way that doesn't feel pushy, sleazy, or draining as fuck.

Love, I was there.

Until I unearthed my priestess power through long term support + sacred business codes. I am now fully supported by my soulwork with abundant days and expansive clients.

I'm ready for you to experience the sustainable business magic and a life of REAL spacious freedom.

The Coven Sacred Business Membership is a space handcrafted just for you to make it happen.

"Being in The Coven keeps me on track, inspires creativity and clarity within, and keeps me going in building my business and sharing my offerings. This type of long term consistent support is unlike any other offerings I have seen, which is part of why I chose it. We get to grow together."

- Mary b.

"For me this was a confirmation of I know who I am and what makes me feel good and I’m going to do only things that align with that. When I feel empowered I can be a better leader who makes more sales. Feels good to hear that doing things your own way is a business model too. βœ¨βœ¨πŸ™πŸ»πŸ¦‹πŸ§‘"

- Hanna E.

β€œBeing a part of the Coven has been such an incredibly magical and supportive experience and the weekly meetings in sisterhood and coaching with Bri have become one of the days I look forward to the most."

- Angela G.

the coven

bridges the gap between abundant business and sacred sisterhood.

Here's my unwavering vision for you, love.

πŸ•Š You wake up everyday in deepest nourishment, connection, rest, and divinely channeled purpose.

πŸ•Š You spend your days serving other women and are lovingly supported in return, emotionally and financially.

πŸ•Š You have a consistent homebase within the Coven of Visionaries, a community of spiritual women who are ready to support and challenge you as you walk the path of your unique feminine leadership.

πŸ•Š Week after week, month after month, you are drinking deeper from the well of foundational business wisdom - becoming an abundant ceo-leader within your community.

Understand that this is a real vision - not a dream.
It is your choice, now, to step upon the path laid for you.

i searched for a community like this for  years.

There are many amazing spaces online for spiritual nourishment and spiritual business - but very few that incorporate both on a deep, ongoing level. The Coven is not just a container for business coaching and training - it is a healing, grounding sisterhood and a center of support as you step deeper into your soulful online leadership.

The Coven was created to bridge three gaps in the online soulwork sphere.


More healing conversation around our relationship with money as spiritual women! Need I say more? I believe the earth can be healed by powerful women with resources. I believe money can be an energy of empowerment for the betterment of the world. I believe we have the power to cultivate ethical practices of business that align with our values, AND create lasting wealth!

High-ticket coaching has empowered many women to provide for themselves, including myself. But the price of quality, ongoing support often numbers in the thousands of dollars. This leaves most women behind, discouraged from bringing their healing gifts + leadership to the world. I believe there is room for both high and low cost containers, and the latter should be just as prioritized.



Hi, I'm Bri.

I am an unfiltered priestess, certified somatic healer, and business coach for bold + ambitious visionaries.

I bring my expertise as a former designer into the art of lean-back sales, attraction marketing, and organic launching, helping women create abundant businesses within the new paradigm and make delicious, soulful money exactly as they are.

While carrying a deep wisdom of the ancient feminine mysteries, I am also a modern CEO who dishes it to you straight, setting fire to the rules and activating the badass leader within.

In my world, it’s all about making overflow your natural state of being…whether your vibe is luxury brand or sweatpants in bed.

Day after day, I see dozens of gifted women losing momentum in their sacred business. And I know exactly what kind of support will get them off the feast-or-famine entrepreneurship cycle.

The Coven Membership makes it possible.

join us today

I want you, in all seriousness, to close your eyes right now and visualize your future.

To meet that version of you who is confident, abundant, and potent in her soulwork. 

Tell me how your life looks as a full time priestess.

πŸ•Š The birthworker who revives an ancient paradigm of postpartum care, teaching doulas and midwives about nourishing ancestral traditions.

πŸ•Š The embodied witch who begins an herbal podcast and teaches girls how to care for their souls and cycles using plants and wisdom of the earth.

πŸ•Š The spiritual coach who helps women heal their money wound and shift ethical wealth into the hands of ALL women, regardless of background.

You've got a big vision. It's needed. So needed. And you're going to need big support to bring it to life.

That's why The Coven was created.

a deeply nourishing membership for you to cultivate and birth your vision into the world.

the coven is

business skills

strategy trainings

for ongoing biz education and growth

Monthly workshop in foundational business skills and entrepreneur wisdom each quarter from industry leaders.

sacred ceremony

embodied rituals

for grounding, healing, and sisterhood

Monthly red tent for seasonal grounding, honoring the womb + cycle, sacred songs, visualization, and somatic healing.

intimate coaching

soulwork calls

for business support and feedback

Monthly coaching call for offer feedback, hotseat coaching, business q+a, money mindset, and energetic calibration.

the schedule

Week one

Red Tent Ceremony

Business Skills Workshop

week three

Guided Embodiment Session

Hotseat Coaching Call

Week two

week four

"After just 3 months of participating in the Coven, I have up leveled my brand, stepped into my fullest expression of Priestess, created and launched a program that's been on my heart for many years and have had more engagement on my posts and offerings than ever before. I even filled the first high ticket spot in my new program after just one week of sharing about it!

Bri is a phenomenal coach, priestess and space holder and I'm so grateful for her ongoing support and the support of those in the Coven. It's the ongoing support that has helped keep me on track and remain faithful in my business and now I can't imagine it any other way. Having consistent support has been key in my growth and success and I can't wait to see what unfolds throughout the year."

- angela g.

"I felt called to join the Coven of Visionaries after receiving groundbreaking codes from Bri in her container Elysium. Bri's artistic eye and authentic approach to business really appealed to me, and I wanted to model my business in the same way. 

I knew I wanted to continue to grow in my business and learn the "how to behind the scenes" with Bri as my guide. I had so many blocks and stories about not having sufficient backend structures. Bri offers that type of support in this space, and her approach is so simple, genuine, and aligned with what I desire to cultivate.

Of course, I may be a bit biased, but I would love for more sisters to share in the magic of this coven with me. If you hear your heart's call to join the Coven of Visionaries, or otherwise work with Bri, listen to it. "

- Mary b.

we give you what you really need to succeed.

a library full of potent business trainings, including Creating Recurring + Passive Income, Finding Your Launch Rhythm, and Bri's signature attraction marketing course, Organic Sales For Soulpreneurs.

monthly soulwork guide with seasonal reflections, grounding journal prompts + embodiment practices.

100% private social media network with dedicated space for individualized copy, content, and offer feedback.

I'm ready to break down the door and invite more women into the magic.

THIS KIND OF foundational business coaching IS OFTEN $1,000+ A MONTH - a financial BARRIER FOR MANY.

And a little love note for the woman who's thinking...
$377 is still a lot for me. $3999 is REALLY a lot.

I see you. I hear you. I want you to know that, with four calls a month, prep work, and overhead system costs, this is the lowest possible exchange for me to sustainably serve you.

If these prices still pose a serious barrier, please DM me to inquire about lower investment support options.

I hope that if The Coven speaks to your heart,

You will take a deep breath and invest in the longterm, high-level foundation that will seriously sustain + nourish your soul business for years to come.


The Coven is already thriving.
Are you ready to join us?

it's a full body and soul yes

join us today


what level of experience / income do i need?

There are no specific requirements needed to join The Coven. It is a membership designed for women at all levels of experience, skillset, and income.

What time are the calls?

Calls are Fridays from 2:00 - 3:30 PM CDT.

what if i can't make the calls live?

No worries! All calls are recorded and uploaded in our private social media network.